The following is a list of things you should consider 
to help you provide a estimate.

• Address ?
• Date ?
• Number of guests?
• Type of event ?
• Location? (hall or at home)
• Indoors or outdoors?
• Do you need a tent?  First thing that you need to do is measure the area in which you want to put the tent. This area must be flat with no obstacles in the way such as bushes, fences, rocks, trees, swing sets, pools, patios, decks or any other objects. We will need a height clearance of around 18 feet. If the dimensions that you come up do not meet our requirements then we will be unable to install your tent. If your area is close to these requirements or if you have a concern then please email us a couple of digital photos of the area along with the measurements to Alvarez. We will respond as soon as possible with whether or not the tent is going to fit.
• Do you need rentals? (tents, portable toilets, tables/chairs, carpet, dance floor, dish ware, linen, help to do set up)

•Do you need pipe and drape? First, we will explain what you will need to know for planning and quoting your wedding drapery:

The height of the drape - You will need to find out how high the ceilings are for the space you are having your wedding or reception in. You can usually call the venue for specifications,  or you can go and measure yourself. No matter how you do it, this information is essential for us to give you a quote.
The linear width of the drape needed – Along with the height, we also need the linear width of the drape to give you a quote. Depending on what you’re trying to create in the room, the linear width will differ. For example, if a wall is 50 feet long and you only want to drape half of it, you will need at least 25 feet of drape. Add in 100% Fullness and you’re looking at 50 feet of drape. Your rental executive will be able to explain all of your options, but a general idea of height and width are a necessity.

setup options: we service pipe and drape . OurServices page explains the options you have available to you for your wedding. If you’re on a budget, you can pick up from our shop or we can deliver and pick-up the drape and hardware. We can also provide crews to set-up and strike everything before and after your wedding as well. All optional, of course, as Alvarez Party Rental wants to be your full-service drape provider.

Print off this check list to be sure you will have everything for a successful party. Call us for ideas and rental help before you plan your party.

• Tents & canopies
• Draping
• Tables
• Chairs
• Portable bar
• Dance floor
• Chafing dishes

• Champagne fountain
• China and flatware
• Glassware 
• Linen

• Stage

•pipe and drape