Do you deliver? 
Alvarez Party Rental does provide a delivery and pick-up service. Please contact our office for delivery fees.

Do I need to wash your stuff when the party is over?
 One of the benefits to renting is that we do the washing. Just return the items in their original delivery containers, free of food and liquid. Linens should be dry and refuse free to prevent staining

When should I make my reservation? 
Early planning will ensure product availability. We accept quantity adjustments up to one week prior to the scheduled day of delivery or pickup. You can place an order as early as a year in advance or more or you can wait until the week of – as long as we have the items you are looking for available. If you are hoping for something specific, such as square dinnerware, it is best to reserve your order as soon as you know the date of your event.

Do I have to be home when the delivery arrives? 
You do not have to be home for a delivery if the rental order has been paid and arrangements have been made in advance. However, you must provide a covered area for the rentals to protect them from weather damage. It should also be a secure location as you are responsible for any loss.

Is set-up and take down included in the rental rate? 
Set up and take down is not included, unless otherwise specified (i.e. tents, dance floors, staging, and drapery) We will offer set up and take down at an additional cost to the customer.

When do I pick up my order?
The date of pick up will be discussed when the order is placed. In most cases, you may pick the rental items up the day prior to your event and return them the day after for a one-day charge. This is based on availability.

When do I pay for my order?
If you are getting you rentals delivered, the order must be paid for at least one day prior to the scheduled date of delivery.* If you are picking up the rentals, it must be paid for at the time of pickup.

Do I get a refund for the rentals I didn’t use?
​Unfortunately, time out is time paid for. We cannot credit you for unused rentals as those items were not available to another customer at that time. Everything that leaves our warehouse must be paid for even if it was not used. This is to cover handling costs.

What size tent will I need for my event?
The following list approximates the capacity of different tent sizes:

12'x12' (15 people)
15'x15' (22 people)
15'x30' (45 people)
16’x16’ (26 people) 
20’x20’ (40 people)
20’x30’ (60 people)
20’x40’ (80 people)
30’x30’ (90-100 people) 
30’x45’ (140 people) 
30’x60’ (180 people) 
30’x75’ (220 people)
30'x90' (260 people)
30'x105' (300 people)
40’x40’ (160 people) 
40’x60’ (240 people) 
40’x80’ (320 people)
40'x100' (400 people) 
40'x120' (480 people)

Do prices include set up and delivery?

 Set up is included in all our prices, whenever you rent from Alvarez  you never lift a finger. We realize how busy you are getting ready for your event and we want you to leave all the legwork to us. We do have delivery charges in all areas, call for more details.

I am ready to make my reservation how do I go about placing an order?
When you are 100% sure you know what you want and have a set date, call us at (323) 826-8481 to place your order. We will then check availability, go over pricing and answer any questions or concerns you may at the time of ordering. If the equipment you want is available we will then fill out a contract and mail it out or you can visit our office to pick it up and apply your down-payment. All reservations require a 30% non-refundable down-payment and the understanding of our rental contract. We do not “pencil anyone in” or accept emailed, faxed or mailed in orders.

What forms of payment do you accept?
 We accept checks, money orders, cash and all major credit cards. All reservations require a 30% non-refundable down-payment and the understanding of our rental contract. Payment in full is due prior to or at the time of delivery.

Should I rent sidewalls for my tent in case it rains?
That all depends. It does not rain sideways and sidewalls will increase the temperature under your tent by 10-15 degrees. Sidewalls are good if it is cold out, for privacy (maybe a disliked nosy neighbor) or if you want to block out an unattractive view close to where your tent is set up.

What is your rain date policy?

We do not allow our customers to cancel if it rains out. All of our items, with the exception of our moonwalkers, are usable outside when it rains as long as the equipment is under a tent or indoors. If you do rent a moonwalker and it is raining out that day and we feel that there is enough rain to classify 
unusable we will not set it up and refund your deposit 100%. However if we do set it up and receive some unexpected rain we will not issue any refund.

What is your policy for cancellation and order adjustments?
 Cancellations may occur by contacting our office at 323-826-8481. The non-refundable down-payment of 30% will be forfeited in event of cancellation. A $25 processing fee will also be imposed in the event customer cancels and needs a refund on payment exceeding 30%. Table and Chair reductions will not be accepted within 3 weeks of event date; customer shall be responsible for 30% of total due as liquidated damages in the event we are not given at least 3 weeks notice. You may add to your order based on availability.

 How many rectangle tables and chairs can I fit under my tent?

15 x 30= 4-5 tables, 45 chairs
16 x 16= 4 tables, 26 chairs
20 x 20= 6 tables, 40 chairs
20 x 30= 8 tables, 60 chairs
20 x 40= 10 tables, 80 chairs
30 x 30= 12 tables, 90 chairs
30 x 45= 17 tables, 140 chairs
30 x 60= 22 tables, 180 chairs
30 x 75= 26 tables, 220 chairs
30 x 90= 30 tables, 260 chairs
30 x 105= 34 tables, 300 chairs
40 x 40= 20 tables, 160 chairs
40 x 60= 30 tables, 240 chairs
40 x 80= 40 tables, 320 chairs 
40 x 100= 50 tables, 400 chairs
40 x 120= 60 tables, 480 chairs
(based on seating 10 to each table and other tables being used for food, gifts or displays)

 I need to rent a dance floor, what size will I need? 
Dance floor sections come in 3 x 4 foot sections. Each section can hold up to 4 1/2 people and cost $13.50 per outside section or $12.50 per indoor section. Below is a list of sizes and sections:

*All our dance floors must be under a tent or used indoors and set up on a flat 
clean area. It is very important to keep our dance floors dry and clean